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The U.S. Army Materiel Command/U.S. Army Contracting Command's (ACC) Office of Small Business Programs OSBP) is here to help small business owners get the information they need to do business with the command. As a headquarters (HQ), our office manages the small business office enterprise across the command, each designed to help with a particular area or geographic location.

For fastest service, please direct your questions to the small business office best suited for your business.

For further assistance, please email us at or you may call our office to speak directly to a professional at (256) 955-7632.

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Nancy Small

Nancy Small
Associate Director
AMC/ACC Office of Small Business
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Serves as a small business industrial base advocate seeking to maximize small business opportunities that support Army materiel readiness, by aiding in the growth of current and future sources of innovative and sustaining solutions for globally dominant Warfighter capabilities.


Provide smart industry acumen recognized through Innovation, Responsiveness, Flexibility and Savings/Value in support of Army material readiness.

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