Historically Black Colleges, Universities and Minority Institutions Program

The Office of Small Business Programs is committed to improving the higher education competitive participation of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Institutions (HBCU/MI); Minority Institutions include Hispanic Serving Institutions; Tribal Colleges and Universities; Alaskan and Hawaiian Native Serving Institutions; and Other Minority Serving Institutions that are qualified to compete for Army contracts, grants and/or formal agreements.

This culturally diverse program seeks to inform and inspire the Army acquisition or requirements community to always consider the capabilities of these institutions in all higher education acquisitions. The program also assists HBCU/MI to develop their faculties and students’ business, engineering and science talents.

The federal executive and congressional interest in the HBCU/MI Program emanates from the White House and Congress, and this interest includes the oversight of planning, execution and measurement of program effectiveness.

The small business specialists and HBCU/MI liaisons seek to identify opportunities for HBCU/MI in research and development activities (to include small business technology transfer and subcontracting in the Mentor-Protégé development program, education and industrial training, market research, information systems planning and management, family services, etc.). They also present outreach programs that provide strategies and methods to increase HBCU/MI participation in Army procurements.

Eligibility Criteria

While schools self-certify on solicitations concerning their HBCU/MI status, the authority for authenticating their classification rests with the Secretary of Education.














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