ACC-RI Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program

I. Regulations


II. Mandatory Training Process Roadmaps

Roadmaps provide LINKS to required training and instructions!

Processing will not move forward until ALL Training certificates and forms are forwarded as one complete package to the Training Coordinator@



III. Becoming a GPC Cardholder or Billing Official

Required Applications (Choose One):


IV. How To Make a GPC Purchase & Certify Monthly Accounts
(Step-by-Step Purchase Instructions):


V. Commonly Used GPC Forms



VI. GPC Frequently Asked Questions


VII. ACC-RI GPC Points of Contact

POC Telephone:  309-782-2817/DSN:  793-2817

Refresher Training (Established Cardholders, Billing Officials, Alternate Billing Officials): 

GPC A/OPCs Telephone:  309-782-8770, 309-782-4706

GPC Team Lead Telephone:  Commercial:  309-782-2797


Date of Posting:  November 2018



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