ACC-Orlando Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman


The purpose of the ACC-Orlando ombudsman program is to foster communication between Government and Industry. The primary function of the ombudsman is to hear concerns about specific issues in acquisitions, to communicate these concerns to senior management personnel responsible for oversight and to assist in the resolution of the concerns.

Duties include:

a. Promote fair opportunity for task and delivery order awards. Review contractor complaints relative to multiple-award task and delivery order contracts awarded under FAR Part 16 to ensure that all contractors are afforded a fair opportunity to be considered for task and delivery orders consistent with the procedures in the contract;

b. Be an independent, senior government official responsible for receiving and acting upon inquiries and complaints from Industry and assisting in the resolution of problems with the acquisition process;

c. Facilitate communication between the ACC-Orlando and Industry, and ensure that proper action is taken to promptly address problems between the Industry and ACC-Orlando; and

d. Review complaints and inquiries impartially, facilitate problem-solving through advocacy, persuasion and mediation, and monitor progress in the resolution of complaints; and

e. Avoid any appearance of usurping normal procurement authority (e.g., contracting officer, program manager, and source selection authority).

To contact us:

Multiple Award Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman:

Lesley A. Sullivan
ACC-Orlando Ombudsman
(407) 384-5432