This page is to provide a description of the United States Army’s plan to procure Technical and Engineering Services to support the Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center (TARDEC).

This service acquisition, referred to as TARDEC TES, provides lifecycle engineering services to assist TARDEC in its In-Service engineering and Science and Technology (S&T) missions. TARDEC requires engineering and technical services to support its mission in designing and maintaining existing and future systems. These missions emphasize engineering and allied technical disciplines in support of various Program Manager (PM) organizations. This effort provides support to the PMs in all phases of the program lifecycle from material solution analysis to operations & support. It also provides research and development (R&D) engineering support to TARDEC for its R&D projects. This effort provides mechanical, security, software, and systems engineering support in the military ground vehicle systems domain for the acquisition and development of the following: survivability systems, military ground vehicle robotics, software and Post Production Software Support (PPSS), electrical and electronics architectures, high voltage power electronics, and information systems security. This support is provided for projects within TARDEC, projects managed and supported by TARDEC personnel, and projects in support of the PMs’ main weapon systems platforms.


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