Route Clearance & Interrogation System (RCIS) Type I Program)

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The U.S. Army plans to procure Route Clearance Interrogation System (RCIS).

The RCIS Type I will provide the Army with a capability to optionally man, or operate in an unmanned mode, the Army-legacy High Mobility Engineering Excavator (HMEE) Type I vehicle. The RCIS Type I also provides additional interrogation features to be used on the HMEE vehicle and is intended for use primarily by the Army Combat Engineer during Route Clearance operations. In the unmanned mode, the RCIS Type I will be wirelessly controlled by an operator located in a Mine Protected Clearance Vehicle (MPCV)/Buffalo control vehicle.

RCIS draft documents, as well as other releasable RCIS information will be posted on FedBizOpps. The posted information is provided for planning purposes only. It does not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP) nor does it restrict the Government as to its acquisition approach.

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