ACC-RI Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program

I. Regulations

II. Mandatory Training Process Roadmaps

Roadmaps provide LINKS to required training and instructions!



III. Becoming a GPC Cardholder or Billing Official

Required Applications (Choose One):

IV. Mandatory Refresher Training


NOTE: Failure to complete the refresher training by the date specified from the Training Coordinator, will result in suspension of the account.
Send refresher training certificates to:


V. GPC Reference Material


NOTE: We cannot do anything until everyone does their part! BO / ABO / BO SUPERVISOR / RM


VI. How To Make a GPC Purchase & Certify Monthly Accounts
(Step-by-Step Purchase Instructions):



VIII. GPC Newsletters



IX. GPC Frequently Asked Questions


X. ACC-RI GPC Points of Contact

POC Telephone:  309-782-2817/DSN:  793-2817

Refresher Training (Established Cardholders, Billing Officials, Alternate Billing Officials): 

GPC A/OPCs Telephone:  309-782-8770; 309-782-0367

GPC Team Lead Telephone:  Commercial:  309-782-2797


Date of Posting:  October 2015


GPC Frequently Asked Questions


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