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  • T-10D Parachute

    Mission: Enables the Safe Delivery of the parachutist, weapon systems. and equipment to the drop zone in winds up to 13 knots. More...

  • Abrams Tank Upgrade

    Mission: Closes with and destroys enemy forces on the integrated battlefield using mobility, firepower, and shock effect with lethality, survivability, and fightability necessary to defeat advanced threats. More...

  • Monocular Night Vision Device, AN/PVS-14

    Mission: Provides Soldiers with the capability to engage and execute close combat, combat support, and combat service support operations in very low-light (starlight) conditions. More...

  • Guardrail Common Sensor (GR/CS)

    Mission: Provides signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection and precision targeting that intercepts, collects, and precisely locates hostile communications intelligence radio frequency emitters and electronic intelligence threat radar emitters. More...

  • Lightweight 155mm Howitzer System (LW155)

    Mission: Provides direct, reinforcing, and general artillery fire support to maneuver forces. More...

  • Black Hawk/UH/HH-60

    Mission: Provides air assault, general support, aeromedical evacuation, command and control, and special operations support to combat, stability, and support operations. More...


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